SSL edgelit LED bars

The STRETCH SSL Side-lit LED bars


The STRETCH Edge-lit LED bards are designed to be installed along the inside of the lightbox frames. They provide a easy mounting on the side of the frame and are ideal for double-sided lightboxframes.


- LED Side-lit bar with special optics

The STRETCH Side-lit LED bars are high power LEDs that are equipped with a special lens that is specially designed optic to reach a large area of the lightbox and simultaniusly maintain a good uniformity within the frame. 



- Extended Lifetime, Reduced total cost of ownership.

STRETCH uses First grade LED chips and high quality MCPCB aluminium bars, this way we can ensure an excellent thermal performance what results in a extended life time for the whole system. All the STRETCH lighting products are manufactures with selected LED proven LM80 test results for the lifetime performance.



- Modular design, available in various sizes: Easy installation and maintenance

Depending on the size, the way how it is constructed, and the expectation of the illumination level of the light box, the led bars can be positioned on 1 side, 2 opposite sides, or even 4 sides.

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